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Nov 27, 2017Posted By DigitalNext

A Mini Corporate Travel Checklist Before Flying Abroad

From maximising frequent flyer points to staying healthy, there is a wide range of things the corporate traveler can do to make their time jet-setting more appealing. So you can get the most out of your next business trip, we’ve put together a mini checklist to take heed of before you next travel abroad.


1. Sign up for a frequent flyer program

One of the best perks of traveling for business is gaining frequent flyer points. Whatever airline you prefer to fly on, make sure you sign up to their respective frequent flyer program, so you can earn rewards for the miles you travel. There are also many other ways you can boost your frequent flyer points, such as by using credit cards at partner stores. Check with your airline for details.


2. Always stay hydrated

It is common knowledge that the air on airplanes is much drier than the atmosphere we live in. That means that your skin and eyes are going to be dryer, and your body is going to get dehydrated much quicker. For this reason, you need to make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, water in particular.


3. Be sure to eat well

It’s easy to get tired and run down when traveling, especially for quick and stressful trips regarding business. Give your body the fuel it needs to perform by feeding it nutritious, healthy food. When you can, take healthy snacks or your own packed meal onto flights to avoid eating reheated plane food.


4. Take a tennis ball for soreness

Tennis balls are a fantastic way to alleviate sore spots created by traveling. They are great to roll under your feet, and even under your thighs, to keep you from getting stiff and sore. What’s more, they are small, inexpensive and easy to replace.


5. Tune your body clock

If you’re going to be traveling overseas for business, it’s a good idea to tune your body clock into the foreign timezone in advance. That way, once you’ve booked your corporate apartment, you’ll be able to get straight to work as soon as you land. Try turning your watch backward or forwards by an hour or so each night leading up to your trip.


6. Fight off sickness

It’s an absolute nightmare to come down with an illness whilst on an important business trip. Combat this by taking regular vitamins, minerals and being hygienic. Take a compact hand sanitizer with you everywhere you go, and remember to sanitize your hands both before and after eating and using the bathroom.

Don’t succumb to the common pitfalls of business travel. Make sure your next corporate journey is a success by adhering to these 6 helpful guidelines for the business traveler! If you are traveling to Darwin, why not help cure your some potential stress and book yourself a luxurious serviced apartment that has all the necessary amenities for a wonderful stay.

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